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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Genre Reads With Backlist Readalike Options

The Reading List committee for the ALA has released a great new twist on the summer reading list.  As originally published in Library Journal, the introduction states:
"Summer is the perfect time to dive into genre fiction, and members of the American Library Association’s Reading List Council, which annually present its picks for the best in genre fiction, are happy to share some of their favorite summer reading choices. The eight genres the council currently considers include adrenaline titles (suspense, thrillers, and action adventure), fantasy, historical fiction, horror, mystery, romance, science fiction, and women’s fiction. The below list pairs each 2012 release with an older read-alike. Whether you choose one of the new books or one of the backlist read-alikes (in grey), you’re sure to find a perfect summer read."

Click through for the list.  It is a nice mix of debuts and well known authors.  I can't decide what I like best, that it is a genre based list of summer reading or that it includes backlist read alike options. Oh, and one of my all-time favorite backlist suggestions, The Ruins by Scott Smith, is on the list too!

This is all too exciting for me.  I need to take a break.  Check out the list for yourself.  And now, every time a patron comes in upset about a hot summer read title being check out, you have this ready made backlist readalike option for them. These books are probably just waiting on the shelf, begging to be read.

Thanks to Early Word for the heads up.

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