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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

National Audiobook Month--Coupon Included

June is National Audiobook month.  To get ready last week, I posted here about the appeal of audiobooks.
My friend and colleague, Joyce Saricks, has researched the appeal of audiobooks extensively.  Last year, she released what she claims is her final book, Read On...Audiobooks.

This book is really the only resource out there that can help you to assess which audiobooks would be best for readers who like to listen to books with, for example, a certain type of characterization, a specific frame, or an especially good evocation of a desired mood, just to name a few.

Our current RA resources assess these appeal factors based on the written text, but as those of us who enjoy audiobooks know, often, the audio version will enhance or detract from some of these factors.  For example, as I have mention many times before, I cannot read books with many foreign words, but I LOVE to listen to them.  Also, while reading the written page, I do not have a preference for point of view, but when I listen to an audiobook, I much prefer a first person narration.  For me, it is important that the character tell me his or her story when I listen to the book.  For many readers, fast paced books that they breeze through when reading, move too slow on audio, but for others, this down side is a huge plus because it draws out the suspense longer.

These are all things Joyce addresses in her book. There is no other resource that does this.
In celebration of National Audiobook Month, Libraries Unlimited wants you to receive a 20% discount on the book Read On...Audiobooks for the month of June. Use promo code 12LU189B to receive this special offer!
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If you are looking for something to listen to, check out Joyce's book or look at this list of the 2012 Audie Nominees for the best work in audiobooks.
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Sarah Elsewhere said...

I will second how helpful this book is. I always keep it in arm's reach at the desk!