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Friday, August 3, 2012

NPR's Risky Reads Series

Have you heard this series yet? Here is the description from NPR:
"At 13, you crave the adult stuff — the drama, the relationships, the mind-blowing ideas — even if you're not ready for adulthood. "PG-13" presents authors discussing the books that transformed and matured their teenage minds."
When I had dinner with Gillian Flynn before our interview, she mentioned recording her entry, Flowers in the Attic.  It aired while I was on vacation.  I too read that book at 12 or 13, and boy was that eye opening. I was probably too young, but no harm was done.  I am a very well adjusted librarian and writer who spends hours a week thinking and writing about horror novels.

Oh...wait...maybe a little harm was done. Oh well.  Can't change it now.

The most recent entry featured  Erin Morgenstern talking about Stephen King's It. No wonder The Night Circus had no clowns.  It all makes so much sense now.

Click here for the entire series.  And stay tuned to RA for All for exciting news about Erin Morgenstern coming soon.  (Hint, it involves me too.)

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