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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Librarian Rules for Reading...1937

Over on Galley Cat I saw this interesting post where a librarian shared some documents she found in her library's archives from 1937.  Click through to see all of it, but here are the images she captured to share with the larger library community and to start a conversation about what had changed and what has stayed the same.

These documents come at a very opportune time for me personally.  Tonight is the third class of the semester; it is the class where we really start talking about how to help readers find their next good read.    I will be using these documents tonight as a conversation starter in class.  But especially the last list, "Questions to put to ourselves as library workers," is an important one for any one working in library, but especially those in a graduate program currently pursuing their library science degree.

I hope you find them as interesting as I did.

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Elizabeth DeZouche said...

If more people participated in Rule 7, 50 Shades would be in trouble.