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Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Discussion: What Type of Reader Are You?

Last week on Grasping for the Wind I encountered this great link entitled, "What Kind of Book Reader Are You? A Diagnostics Guide."

In this post from The Atlantic, they lay out many different types of readers, with descriptions and then offer suggestions.  The post was so popular, they added a second part with more reader types. It was very fun to go through the entire list.  I know people (both friends and patrons) who fit just about every type.

If you are reading this blog, at least one of these labels fits you.  Now is the day to come clean. So for today's Monday Discussion, look through the types and confess your dirty little secret here.

Here are mine. From the first set, I settled on:
The Bookophile. More than reading, you just love books. Old ones, the way they smell, the crinkles and yellowing of the pages; new ones, the way they smell, too, the crispness, running your hands over a stack of them at the bookstore. You like books rescued from the street as much as signed first editions; you like drugstore paperbacks, you like hardcover new releases, you like it all. You just like books. To you, they are an object of beauty, and you would never, ever hurt them in any way. Suggested bookophile reads: Anything you can get your hands on. God, that's gorgeous, isn't it? 
But then on the second page of choices, I found my perfect diagnosis:
The All-the-Timer/Compulsive/Voracious/Anything Goes Reader. Wherever you go, whatever you do, there's a book with you. It doesn't matter what it is, really, so long as there are pages with words on them, or an e-reader with words on it. We can't really suggested anything here because you took it with you to the grocery store or subway or library or laundromat or coffee shop, and you're standing in line or sitting down and reading it right now.
What about you?

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Betty said...

I'm an all-the-timer, voracious, but multi-tasking reader. I have books in just about every room in the house, as well as in the car -- just in case there is some downtime somewhere. I often am reading three books at one time (you can ask Jose about this).

This was a fun article. I'll bet you get lots of responses, Becky.

Kathy said...

Well my first thought was "It's Complicated" but that is really a cop-out. So I would go with the "Chronological Reader." I almost never read more than one book at a time and almost every book I read takes me between 5 and 10 days to read. Plus I am great at puzzles.

John, Librarian At Dawn said...

Bookophile. Down for life.

Jo said...

Compulsive, voracious, and unapologetic. :)

Chris said...

I, too, am an all-the-timer. Books everywhere, all the time to the point of exasperating my non-reader hubby. My son has also inherited this; however, he bugs me because he can just quit reading a book and move on to the next one, even if he likes the story!