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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Book Of Maps for World of Game of Thrones and Death Bracket Just About Ready

Next week, the first ever official and complete set of maps for George R. R. Martin's complex fantasy world will be released in the book, The Lands of Ice and Fire.

This is a must buy book for every library.  If you add up the fans of the books with those of the TV series, you have a huge number of patrons who will want to check out this book.

Click here to see some sneak peeks by the artist as posted on io9.  This article also has links to a wide variety of the fan created maps which were the only place people could turn to see Westeros cartography up to this point.

The release of this title is also serving as a reminder that I am supposed to be working on a Games of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire readalike list.

Coming first though, the BPL Author Death Bracket (discussed at length here) just in time for the Presidential Election.  We have narrowed the display down to 32 authors in only 4 categories.  The brackets positions have been assigned and the winner decided.  You can follow the story here on the blog or in the library to find out who survives... It all begins on Election Day-- 11/6.

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