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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! Have a Side of Laughs With Your Scares

I am taking a breather today.  After 31 Days of Horror over on RA for All: Horror, an early morning radio appearance (link up soon), an elementary school parade in a few hours, and a class to teach tonight, I am taking a small break from the blog.

But for now, here is a book trailer for the new comic horror novel by David Wong, This Book is Full of Spiders.  Get on the hold list now, or check out the equally as funny prequel John Dies at the End. (both currently checked out at the BPL).

In my book, I had this to say about John Dies at the End:

Wong and John try a drug called “soy sauce” which seems cool and psychedelic, until they realize they are not hallucinating.  The drug has actually opened up a portal to Hell which allows a number of murderous monsters to break free.  John and Wong have to stop them from destroying the world.  John Dies at the End is a horrifying spoof, that will have you alternating smiling and cringing.

I am happy to see Wong's funny and scary books getting the attention they deserve.  I think they they set the right tone for a fun holiday too.

Happy Halloween!

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