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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Student Reading Maps and One Take 10 List

I have 4 midterms I want to share with you today.  The last three are excellent reading maps done by students in the RA class for their midterms.

But first, those who follow this blog know that some students choose to do a 10 book book talk that I then post as a "Take Ten" list on a certain topic. You can click here to pull up all past lists.  Normally, the students make an annotated list on paper to share with the class, and, in fact, I will have some of those to share with you in the coming days, but this semester, Shira did something that what I am calling a hybrid of a book list/reading map.  Her audience was Young Stroke Survivors and her list is enitlted "Books to Recover With."  Click on through to see her digital annotated list of 10 books.

I also had three very good reading maps turned in.  I will post them below and add them to the permanent reading map archive, found here.
Great work guys.  As I mentioned above, I will have more student work to highlight in the coming days.

And don't forget about their weekly assignments which show up on the class blog each Wednesday by 6pm.

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