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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Death Brackets: Championship

Welcome to the 2012 Author Death Brackets where some of the Berwyn Public Library’s most popular, living authors will participate in a virtual battle to see who comes out alive to claim the title as the favorite (and toughest) author among our patrons. There are 4 categories of 8 authors paired against each other, with the winner of each bracket squaring off in a final four battle.

The Death Brackets are to be taken with a sense of humor.  The library does not condone violence or wish bad things upon these authors.  We do, however, hope to lighten the tense election atmosphere by electing our own sole survivor.

[The idea of author death brackets and the graphic were originally conceived at http://www.criminalelement.com]


Stephen King vs. Gillian Flynn
King is arguably the most popular author in America.  His longevity and influence are unmatched. This may seem like an unfair fight, but remember, Flynn is the current master of the of the seemingly out of nowhere twist, and she is the current media darling for 2012. Gone Girl had over 1200 holds at one point this year.  King has never had that many holds on a single title.  King, fresh off his “didn’t break a sweat” victory over the formidable Roberts tries the same defense as the previous battle. But Flynn conjures up a supernatural coup d’état of her own by invoking the ghosts of her fellow hometown authors: Nelson Algren, Studs Terkel, Ernest Hemingway, and Edgar Rice Burroughs. These ghosts and their backlists manage to match King’s evil beings punch for punch. As the casualties pile up, it is King and Flynn alone on the field of battle, but Flynn has one more twist up her sleeve as she calls for her secret, Chicago weapon-- Coach Ditka-- who comes out of nowhere driving a mini van, running King over. Ditka steps out of the vehicle and raises Flynn’s hand in ultimate victory.

Ultimate Death Bracket Winner: Flynn

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