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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Author Interviews Archive and Upcoming Blog Schedule

As I was going through my RSS feeds this morning, I noticed this post on BookBrowse where they compiled their favorite author interviews from 2012.  [By the way the permalink is not working for some reason, so if you click this after today, you might have to scroll to find it. I will update the link if it gets fixed.]

While the list itself is fun and useful for both library workers and patrons, clicking through to it reminded me of something even more important.  I had forgotten that BookBrowse even had a cache of author interviews.  Well they do, and you can access all of them here.  It is quite an impressive archive actually, both in number of interviews and in the range of authors represented.

This is yet another argument for subscribing to RSS feeds to help you to help patrons better. BookBrowse is a site I use, but infrequently.  I mostly go there for book group and/or display planning.

So its on my radar, but with all of the other resources and information bouncing around out there, it is easy to forget about the specifics of each resource.  Their blog post of the best 2012 author interviews was delivered to my feed reader; I did not have to seek it out.  Literally in just a matter of minutes, while I was doing my regular mid-morning routine of quickly scanning all the feeds, I came upon this great archive.

So thanks BookBrowse for reminding all of us about your great cache of interviews.  But to the rest of you out there, let my experience serve as a reminder.  Don't get stuck in a rut only using the same go to resources.  Get RSS feeds to as wide a range of resources as possible.  Don't let them overwhelm you though. If you are busy, just mark all as read, or star something that looks interesting to go back to it when you do have time.  It takes only minutes a day, but it will serve you and your patrons well.

Upcoming RA for All Schedule:   (Because a few people have asked)

I will have reviews on Thursday and Friday, one more Monday Discussion for the year on 12/17, and a final book discussion report for 2012 sometime next week [we meet on 12/17].  I have 2-3 more books (plus the book discussion book) that I will finish this month.  I will try to get those reviews posted before the end of the year also.  We'll see how that goes.

Tonight is also the night of my student's final presentations.  I already know there will be at least a few reading maps to share. Grades are due on the 18th, so look for posts of student work sometime in the middle of next week.

Finally you can look for my post on the best books I read this year during the week between Christmas and New Year's.

RA for All will be on a limited holiday schedule after 12/21 as I will be taking time off to celebrate with my family.

Enjoy the symmetry of 12-12-12.

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