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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Best Books of 2012 Wrap Up

I am in the recapping mood today.

Later this morning I will be taping an appearance on the library podcast Circulating Ideas, hosted by Steve Thomas.  I have been asked to talk about the year in horror for 2012 and preview 2013.  Click on over to RA for All: Horror to see a post which covers what I plan to talk about.  I will post a link to the actual interview when it is up on the site.

My appearance is part of a larger project where Steve will be having multiple 2012 recaps.

At the BPL, Kathy also put up her annual "Best of the Year" display.  We really try to hit all of the genre picks as well as the standard literary fiction titles.  The display has a "best" book for every kind of reader.  Each year it is a big hit with our patrons.

I am also currently reading a few of the "best" books from 2012 that I didn't get around to last year.  It is an annual right of passage for me to start a new year with a few of the previous year's best.  Those reviews will be up soon.

In the spirit of wrapping things up for 2012, here is RA Online's compiled list of the Best Book Lists for 2012.

Now let's move forward to 2013.  I will be spending much of the week ordering new titles, getting excited about what is coming soon, and preparing for a new crop of graduate students starting a week from tomorrow, so look for the talk of 2012 to die down as 2013 steams ahead.

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