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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Joyce's Reading Map

Back in January of 2012 in her At Leisure column for Booklist, Joyce resolved to make a reading map during the year.

Since the 2 of us have been offering the reading map as a midterm or final option for our students for quite a while now, we felt that it was important that we also complete one ourselves-- with the same requirements we demand of them. It is only fair.  Both of us are big proponents of being able to do what you teach.

Back in September I announced the completion of my reading map here.  And in the January issue of Booklist, Joyce came through on her resolution too.

Click here to read the column where she talks about her process or click here to jump directly to her map for Appetite for America by Stephen Fried.

Not only did I want to give Joyce public kudos for completing her map, but I also wanted to use this post as a chance to mention that tomorrow we return to team teaching (for the first time since Fall 2011) with a new crop of students.  This means the student blog will soon return with lots of new annotations, meaning many new perspectives on different reading options.

New students also means new issues and trends.  Not only do I find new information to share on the blog and with the class as I prepare for each week's lecture, but also, the students are constantly bringing different perspectives and ideas to the table. I hope to use my enthusiasm for teaching them and their excitement to learn to help energize and educate you blog readers too.

So here's to new beginnings.

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