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Friday, January 18, 2013

SF Authors Share The Books They Wished They Had Written

I know I said I would have a review up today, and I still will, but this post on io9 was too good not to point out.

They asked a bunch of very popular and talented SF writers to name the books they wished they had written. The resulting list reads like a greatest hits of SF. But also, take a look at the authors surveyed.  These are names you should know right now.

It is worth a look for both SF fans and those of you looking to brush up on the genre.

UPDATE TO POST: I fixed the broken link, but the BPL lost power; in fact. a large portion of town did.  I will not get the review of This is How You Lose Her up today. It will be up early next week.


Sabrina said...

I don't think the link is working...

Becky said...

Thanks. Fixed.