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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Final Say on All The Best Books of 2012

While yesterday I asked you to talk about the books on the horizon that you are most anticipating, today, I want to take one last look back at 2012.

Williamsburg Regional Library’s Blogging for a Good Book and specifically, chief compiler, [and all around good guy] Neil Hollands creates an annual compilation of "All the Best Books" from 120 sources.

Click here for access to the final spreadsheet on Blogging for a Good Book. The post also has links to Neil's in depth break downs for each genre.

I have been following the ABBC over the last few months, but waited for this final post to make it easier to link everything all in one place.

Here is why you need to click through and pay attention to it too:
  1.  In the rush for everyone to get out their "Best" lists at the end of the year, we lose perspective.  Too many best books are thrown at us all at once, during what is already a busy time of year.  Now, in mid-March, we can have perspective and distance to appreciate the list.
  2. It includes over 2200 books that someone considered the best.  This gives you, the RA librarian, a wider range of titles to suggest to patrons.  And as we know, our patrons have a wide range of tastes, so the widest possible range of suggestions is appreciated.
  3. Neil's genre breakdowns serve as a good collection development tool.  You can assess the state of your holdings based on these genre best lists as well as use them as a reading list for yourself if you need to brush up on a genre.
  4. Finally, they want to share this with you. Take them up on this generous offer.
There will be one more final spreadsheet coming out at the end of March, but RA for All will be on vacation then, so I didn't want to wait.

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