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Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Discussion: National Library Week Edition

Welcome to National Library Week, the one week a year when the wonderful world of libraries are celebrated by all.  And with Caroline Kennedy as our spokesperson this year, we are getting lots of media attention.  Click through for more information.

In honor of National Library Week, I thought I would put a twist on the Monday Discussion today and ask you all what your favorite thing about being a library patron is.

I will go first. The library has meant many different things to me over the years, but I want to share a favorite moment from just last week.  I love how my local public library is not only a place where my children love to go, but also, a place they are made to feel welcome. Too often kids are seen as pests in the community, but not at my library.

Let me explain. This last week my daughter's school art work was picked to be hung in the public library so we have been in and out of the Youth Department for her to show it off to people. On Friday, my 8 year old son and I went to look at it and get him a book.  Here's what I loved.  He went up to the librarian and the two of them had a 5 minute conversation about books.  They were sharing back and forth about titles they enjoy and why.  She was 3x his age, but talked to him like a peer.  There was no baby talking or talking down.  He was treated like a book loving patron.  He left happy and I left elated.  He will remember positive interactions like this forever, and that makes me happy.

So in honor of National Library Week share your library patron moments here.

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John said...

I have so many good memories that they are too numerous to list. To generalize, I have always appreciated the VOLUME of books the library has enabled me to read over the years. Without the library I, like most people, could never afford to obtain the quantity of reading I partake in. Certainly something not to be taken for granted!

Kimberly said...

Unlike Becky's son, I'm not to eager to have a discussion; by the time I get in the library my hair is windblown or I've dripped sauce on my shirt. BUT - I love how much money I save at the library. I can choose more books or audios because there's a "no questions asked" return policy. And the "passive" displays are fabulous. I don't have to talk to anyone, but I always spot some item that I didn't mean to check out but do, because there are displays and themes that catch my interest assembled by creative library workers. I love being a patron because there's always some new to inform or entertain me.