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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Two New Training Webinars By Me Now Available To Everyone

In March and April I was very busy creating two brand new programs for the Mid-America Library Alliance.  These programs were my first ever webinar based programs.

I am happy to report these webinars are now up and ready for anyone to purchase.  The price is quite reasonable too ($30 for nonmembers).  The classes available are all listed here, but mine specifically are:

Both are brand new and completely updated. Use the links above for more details on the content to be found in each. I am particularly happy with the Book Club one because  I took 2 different book discussion training lectures I had given over the years, updated them, and merged them into one class.  This webinar is the best of my training for librarians melded with the talk I give to patrons about jazzing up their own book clubs.  The result was a new look at how to reignite the spark in your book club.

After I taped the webinar, I had even energized myself and the results were seen in my own April book discussion.

I am currently booking live appearances for Fall 2013 (spots are filling up though). You can always contact me about any training needs you have, but I also realize that it can be cost prohibitive for me to travel to you.  Not to mention that I have other jobs and two kids, so I cannot travel out of the Chicagoland area more than once a month. Webinars are a great compromise though. Since there is no travel involved, you only have to pay me to speak.  And, if you want a presentation I already have prepared, I knock $50 off the price since I just need to refresh them and update for your audience.

After a few initial kinks, I am happy to report that the overall experience of taking my programs to a webinar format went very well.  It was weird for me not to have an audience to interact with, but I got used to it.

If you are interested in viewing either of the webinars listed above, click here and get the RA for All: Roadshow experience from the comfort of your home or library.

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