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Monday, July 1, 2013

ALA 2013: Monday Morning Notes and Sunday Snafu

Today is the last day of the conference (for me at least).  Yesterday, I had my first snafu ever with the blog which is amazing since I am about to mark 6 years of doing this in August. I had a lengthy post on the presentation, We Are The Champions: 20-30s Library Advocacy.  I posted it, checked to make sure it posted, and then later in the evening noticed that it had disappeared.  I have no idea what happened.

Later today though I will post a few notes about the program.  I am also hoping that the power point becomes available to share with you.  I'm working on that.

Today there is no Monday Discussion, but if you want, you can leave comments on this post listing anything you did or saw at the conference that you want to share.

This morning I have a program about getting teens involved on boards, but will probably not post about it since it is more related to my Friends of the Library work than RA.

I also plan to attend the YALSA President's Program and will post notes from that later today.

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