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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Library Reads Reminder

As I mentioned in this post:
"Every day library staff share books they love with their users. Now, you can reach beyond the library walls to tell the rest of the country about the books you can’t wait to share.
LibraryReads – a new program, launching this fall, harnesses the value of “library staff picks” into a single nation-wide discovery tool, a monthly list of ten newly released must-reads. "
Any worker, from any public library, no matter if you are a professional librarian or not can sign up to be a part of the program.  Click here for details.

Seriously people, you should all get on this.  It is our chance to rule the book world.  Early Word posted this reminder today:

The deadline for nominations for the inaugural LibraryReads list is August 2, a week from Friday. If you haven’t already, submit your nominations for forthcoming books (titles published in late August and beyond) that you loved reading and cannot wait to share! 
The ten books that get the most nominations will be featured on the list. Participation is open to everyone who works in a public library, both senior staff and new arrivals, no matter which area of the library you work in. The more the merrier – LibraryReads is designed to be inclusive, and to represent a broad range of reading tastes. 
LibraryReads is using Edelweiss as the platform to gather nominations. If you don’t already have an active account, you can sign up for free on the site. After you’ve registered, enter each title you want to nominate into the search box, click on “Your Review” on the title page. A new window will open, with a place to write your review and to “Submit to LibraryReads.” Much more info on the nomination process is available on theLibraryReads Tumblr site. 
Please also encourage fellow library staff to nominate their favorites.Help LibraryReads prove how effective libraries are in helping readers discover books.
I second that! You still have a full week to be a part of the conversation.

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