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Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Discussion: Summer Vacation Inside Fiction

With summer vacation talk heating up around here the Book Riot's post entitled, "Summer Travel: The Top 5 Places I’d Go If Fiction Were Open to Tourists" really caught my attention, enough that I thought I would ask you all the same question.

If you could take your summer vacation in a fictional world, where would you go? In the post, Jeanette lists some good ones like Harry Potter's world or George R. R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire setting.

But what about you?

I'll go first, I have to say that I would love to visit the George Lucas created universe of Star Wars for a time. Just to get to travel through space and meet many different aliens. I wouldn't want to be a part of the intergalactic struggle of good vs. evil though. I just want to experience it

As I have mentioned on the blog many times before, I am also a fan of the mid-Nineteenth Century as a setting for my fiction and nonfiction. Any novel set during this era would be a way for me to time travel to this exciting time. So maybe a Dickens novel, or better yet, 2 books I read with a Dickens theme and setting which I loved were The Last Dickens by Matthew Pearl and Drood by Dan Simmons. But really anything set in the mid to late 19th Century in America or England would be a good fictional vacation destination for me.

Now it is your turn.

For today's return of the Monday Discussion, just as Jeannette asks here, where would you go if fiction were open to tourists.

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John, Librarian At Dawn said...

My first choice would be the Renaissance Italy of the Count Saint-Germain novels by Chelsea Quinn Yarbo. I would particularly love to spend some time in Venice during that era. My second choice would be the pre-revolutionary Paris and/or the colonial era New Orleans of the Anne Rice novels.

Christi said...

I think I would like to experience (but not live in) some of Jane Austen's settings, particularly in the settings portrayed in Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. I also would really like to experience the OASIS from Ready, Player, One. Perhaps because that pretty much encompasses all fictional worlds :).

Betty said...

I'd like to visit the 1880s America of Jack Finney's Time and Again and Time After Time.

There is something so charming about the time period, slower and more personal.

Just a visit, you understand. The thought of how rudimentary medicine was at the time just scares me. But the post office delivered mail three times a day.

katharine said...

Growing up in South Dakota I always dreamed of riding in a covered wagon alongside Laura Ingalls Wilder and I still wouldn't mind being whisked back to the Great Plains mid-1800's.

Kathleen Kramer said...

I'd love to visit Mr. Penumbra's Book Store, Louise Penny's Three Pines, or one of Rosamunde Pilcher's settings, although not necessarily for a summer vacation. When I was a teenager, I read The Deep by Peter Benchley, which has always seemed to me a perfect summer escape/fantasy!