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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Top Audiobooks for Libraries

Thanks to Booklist Blogger Mary Burkey for re-posting Overdrive's list of the most downloaded audiobooks of 2013.  Click here for details.

Overdrive is the platform we use here at the BPL to deliver our ebook and audiobook downloads to our patrons.

This list is not in order by how many downloads, but that is not a problem [although their alphabetization by title is a problem; they have all the titles starting with "The" together; arrggghh].  The idea here, whether you use Overdrive at your library or not, it to get a wide-angle snap shot of what is most popular from a large provider of audiobooks to many libraries from across the entire country.  It is a quick way to see what's popular everywhere.

We can always use our local systems to pull local data, but often, we get too focused on what is popular at our library that we loose track of the larger picture. A larger perspective reminds us to think outside of our local box.

Another point to make here too is that if you have someone new to audiobooks and they are not sure where to begin, try suggesting something that you know is popular.  Hand them the list and let them choose one that suits their fancy.

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