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Thursday, October 3, 2013

80 Books Every Man Should Read

I get a lot of great information on what matters to men by perusing my husband's Esquire each month. Recently, he pointed me to this web only feature on the 80 Books Every Man Should Read.

All that writing about manly hard boiled detectives yesterday (and my reading of this testosterone driven graphic novel in preparation for this afternoon's ARRT genre study meeting) made me remember I the Esquire list.

For the record, I have read many of the books on the list.  They are not just for men, but, they do appeal to men in general. This is important to note.  Let's face it, we all help more women than men at the library. But we do not help only women. Men do come up looking for something to read, it is just not as regular an occurrence.  It is understandable that we may be out of practice getting in the correct frame of mind to help a male reader.

Resources like this list, are a great place to start.  Also see the list of related links down the page a bit. These include more male oriented reading lists.

I also have this report on the ALA 2013 program on reluctant male readers.

Check out the lists. You'll be happy you did when the next male patron comes up to the desk.

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