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Friday, October 25, 2013

Readers, Writers, Books and Blog Updated Handout

Rebecca and Karen who run the Booklist blog Shelf Renewal just updated their list of the best places to visit on the web for all things books, reading, and libraries.  And I am grateful to see RA for All and RA for All: Horror still made the cut.

Click here for access to the updated handout.  There are general book blogs, RA specific blogs, and then a break down of the best genre blogs. As well as a final list of the sites that aren't blogs blogs but you best be aware of.

I highly suggest you look at the entire handout because we all know time is SHORT and the Internet is HUGE.  There is so much that is not worth your time, so lists like this are invaluable.

Their suggestions should be on your first stop list of resources.

Thanks for the extremely useful list Rebecca and Karen.

Speaking of time being short, I am trying to get up my recap on the live interview I conducted with Louis Urrea last night.  Look for it later today or over the weekend.

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