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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

YA Dystopia Subgenre Guide

Over on Stacked, they have been participating in Angela's RA Challenge looking at books from 2011 or 2012 in various genres as outlined by her schedule here.

This month, the folks at Sacked tackled the subgenre of YA dystopias. The post has a brief discussion on the subgenre with a list of resources and, of course, a list of books with brief descriptions for each title.

Look, I know I have said on this blog before that I need more resources for realistic fiction for the teens who do not want the uber-popular dystopias, but the dystopias are still uber-popular.  The more resources I can have with lists of good dystopian fiction for teens, the easier my day will go.

I especially like the resources linked here because while lists of books are great, I will have someone come to the desk who has read all of these books. Seriously, I loaded up a 20 year old last week with 15 dystopian and horror novels and she said that she should be good for a week or two with those! The fans of these books often devour titles at rates I used to only see with my romance readers.

So the resources Kimberly provided here will help me to seek out more books now or in the future.

Also, don't forget that while this is technically a YA list, many dystopian fiction readers are adults who freely move between the YA and adult sections.  These teen titles would work for them too.

In general I have been a HUGE fan of the monthly genre posts. You can access the posts from nine previously scheduled genres here. But I particularly wanted to point out this one because of how popular the topic is.

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