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Monday, November 18, 2013

Casey Award for Best Baseball Book of the Year

I had to post this more as a reference for myself because I had no idea this award existed.

The 2013 finalists for the Best Baseball Book of the Year were just announced.  Click here for the list.

I am posting this mostly to help me to help an extremely particular patron who will only read "baseball" books.  Now I have not only this resource to identify winners of this award, but also, the longer nominee lists from this year and year's past. Now I have a whole new collection of possible reading suggestions for him.

[Click here to read my more in depth post from 2011 about how to use award lists as an RA tool.]

But, I am also posting it because if I have a patron [and staff] who will benefit from this list, someone else out there must have a use for it too.

I hope it helps you to help a reader find their next good read.

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