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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Best Audio Books of the Year

Over at Audiobooker, Mary Burkey has a few posts on best audiobooks of the year.

In fact, you can pull up all of her posts tagged “best audiobooks” by clicking here.

I know I try to stay away from posting all the best lists here on the blog because they are available so many other places and I want to make the time you spend here as useful as possible, but I have noticed that very few places make a point to talk about the best audio books in their year end wrap ups.

Please remember that the best books from the more traditional lists are not necessarily books that will automatically translate into best audiobooks. And in fact, many books that are only so-so in print are greatly enhanced by being turned into an exceptional audio version while many great books have been ruined by bad audio productions.

So even if you feel like you have a handle on the best books of 2013, please take a moment to also check in on the best audiobooks too.  You might find better suggestions for your audio readers. And better suggestions lead to happier patrons.

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