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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Conference Round-Ups

ALA Midwinter is around the corner, but Digital Book World just wrapped up in NYC and the ABA’s Winter Book Institute is also about to begin.

While I will have extensive coverage of ALA Midwinter once it begins, I thought I would share 2 VERY useful links from the other two conferences that I saw via PW.

First, there is this report on a presentation at DBW on the future of bookstores and libraries. Not much new here for those of us in the trenches, but I was just glad to see a panel with librarians addressing these issues at DBW.  It is still a struggle to make ebooks work as well as physical books do in libraries, but at least we are taking baby steps towards progress.

And second, there is this long and very helpful list of all of the authors and galleys that will be available at the conference as well as an editorial note as to why there is buzz on this particular book or author.  The list is arranged alphabetically.

I don’t know about you, but I will be combing through this list over the next couple of weeks as I start planning my spring purchases for the library.

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