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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Touring Lobbies in Search of Better Patron Service

Today’s post is late because I spent the day touring 2 are libraries in my auspices as the chairperson of the Building and Grounds Committee for the Board of Trustees of the La Grange Public Library.

Specifically, we were looking at library’s who recently remodeled their lobbies to make them more customer friendly.  I saw some things I really liked and some that I did not.  As I have been trying to digest everything I saw today and figure out what would make the most sense for my local library, I thought I would look back at some of my previous posts tagged "patron service.” I wanted to isolate my feelings about how to best serve patrons without all of the new things I saw today complicating things.

Since I was looking at all of these posts, and thinking about my customer service philosophyI figured I would share the links to what has been on my mind today.

I hope to have some more cohesive and useful thoughts on the LGPL lobby, specifically, and what I ideally think should be in a public library lobby, in general, soon.  One thing I am learning is that the issue is quite a bit more complicated and controversial that you would think.

More here soon...

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