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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Teen Urban Fiction Genre Report

I have been spending most of my time this February focusing on it being Women in Horror Recognition Month, but as we all know, this month is more commonly remembered in the library world for being Black History Month.

This is important to note from a collection development standpoint.  Since many websites and publications focus on African American collections during February, it is a great time for us to get caught up.  Whether or not you order in the African American purchasing area, if you help any readers at all, understanding the newest developments in any popular reading area can only make you better at your job.  And what better time than February when others who are more knowledgeable than you or I on the topic of African American fiction are already doing all of the work for you.

Of the many examples out there this month, this genre guide to YA Urban Fiction via Stacked is my favorite.

If I had to pick my busiest area in African American fiction it would be Urban Fiction with titles for a teen to new adult audience being the most requested of that subset.

So I highly suggest you at least take a look here.

If you have a African American link you want to share with others this month, leave a comment.

1 comment:

Sarah Cords said...

Hi Becky!
Thanks for the very useful Urban Fiction link!
All month, in the "Lists" section of our blog, we've been posting whatever lists we can find with African American themes.