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Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Discussion: Are the New "Golden Age" TV Shows The New Novels?

This week's Monday Discussion is courtesy of the Book Ends point-counter-point column in the back of the New York Times Book Review from February 25 with the title above.

It is actually a question I have thought about myself on multiple occasions.  Specifically when I watch Boardwalk Empire, I often think that the reason I love it so much (besides that it is set in NJ) is because the entire show reminds me of a character driven, historical novel.

But is it really as good as a novel?

The 2 different points of view offered in the NYT made me think about this question at length, especially the comments about Dickens and his serialized novels for the masses.

What I came to decide for myself is that some shows I love because they are almost as good as reading a book for me-- Boardwalk Empire, The Wire, and Game of Thrones come to mind right away.  But other shows I enjoy, like The Walking Dead and Girls, which some people would put in this "Golden Age" category, do not appeal to me from a literary level.  They are more of a diversion [which is fine and what a lot of television is best viewed as.]

What about you?  For today's Monday Discussion share with me if you think any TV shows can rise to the level of "literary" for you?  Or just respond to one of the columnists.

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1 comment:

John BPL RA said...

Oh yuck, Becky, no! In addition to the fact that TV shows are subject to time limitations, sponsor demands, and censorship, there is also the problem that it is television we're talking about. TELEVISION! Eeeeeeew