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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Soon to Be Famous Award Update-- Announcement Coming April 16th

Yesterday was the deadline for us judges to get the scores in on the final 3 novels in the Soon to Be Famous Illinois Author Project. And yes, the announcement is only 15 days away, and it is FREE for any librarian to attend in person or via web conference at multiple sites, over the state of Illinois.

There are 2 FREE programs being offered that day.  First, at 12:30, David Vinjamuri, Adjunct Instructor of Marketing at New York University and Forbes contributor, will reprise the talk he just did at PLA 2014 in Indy entitled, "It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad [Publishing] World":
The explosion of published and self-published titles(nearly a million new ISBNs were issued in 2012 alone) means that libraries can no longer be archives of knowledge. Understanding how to maximize the impact of the collection and engage library patrons requires a new set of skills. This talk brings real data from libraries around the country to the issues of collection development and reader's advisory.
Click here for the full details and to sign-up.  

The second FREE program is immediately following Davids talk at 2 and is the actual announcement of the winner.  I have heard that the committee is trying to have all three finalists present.  Click here for details.

I have signed up for both programs and am bringing a co-worker along too.  I am very excited to see how this all turns out.  Speaking of, lets me talk about the finalists a bit more

Click here for the details about each book and author, but to recap here are their author statements:
Rick Polad, Carol StreamAuthor, Change of AddressAfter a career as a Geologist, I am now teaching Earth Science and Astronomy at the college level. I spend summers volunteering with the Coast Guard on Lake Michigan and playing golf – sometimes with success. I have been an avid mystery reader since I learned to read and, over the many years, I developed my own character. I wrote a story for my parents and friends but, given the hurdles of the publishing industry, never considered that route. After a suggestion from a friend to e-publish, I published the first book in the Spencer Manning series, “Change of Address.”  The third book is due out shortly. The hardest part of this venture is marketing. I am very excited to be a part of the “Soon to Be Famous Author” project. This is wonderful exposure for “unknown” authors and libraries. Mary Hutchings Reed, ChicagoAuthor, Warming UpWarming Up started out as a novel exploring why some incredibly talented people never step into the spotlight and others with less talent never shy away, but it was soon hijacked by a fearless street kid who once charmed sixty dollars from me.What is exciting about STBF Author Project is not the prospect of becoming “famous,” but the opportunity to reach new readers.  Technology has made it possible for writers to become their own publishers, but access to on-demand printing and internet marketing only ensures availability.  With ever-increasing choices, the selection process for readers has become overwhelming.  Projects like STBF celebrate the critical role of libraries and librarians in curating the public culture and making it truly accessible.  Readers trust their librarians to guide them, and there is no greater compliment to a writer than to have a librarian recommend her novel as “a good read.” 
Joanne Zienty, WheatonAuthor, The Things We SaveBorn and raised on Chicago’s South Side, I vividly remember the “glow of industry” that lit the night sky with an orange haze and perfumed the air with acrid odors of coke ovens and blast furnaces, although the steel mills have been shuttered for decades. My first success as a writer came in 5th grade, when I completed a 70-page novel—an “homage” to Walter Farley’s Black Stallion series— and had my first play – a Thanksgiving melodrama – produced on stage at my elementary school.   I’ve been writing ever since. My other passion is working as a library media specialist, combining my favorite pastimes:  reading, encouraging others to read, teaching information literacy and playing with technology.  I live in Wheaton, Illinois with my very supportive husband, two amazing daughters and two naughty cats. As a writer, participating in the Soon to Be Famous Author project has been an incredibly validating experience!
I have completed all three books and placed them on my Shelfari shelf with no review and the same rating.  How I have judged them in particular is private, but I will share that I can honestly say that all 3 are worthy of winning regardless of whether or not the one I preferred wins.

I hope to see you at the big celebration of the committee’s hard work and to celebrate the author, the committee, the judges, everyone who worked so hard on this inaugural award.  Once it is all wrapped up, I will have more to say about the process and the RA implications, but I do know that even now, before I even know who the winner is, I am proud to have been a part of it.

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Elizabeth said...

I just registered for both programs as well! I'm very excited for all three finalists...see you there!