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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Soon to Be Famous Wrap Up and More...

This really has been a whirl-wind week and with the kids off tomorrow for a “Spring Holiday” [hey, it’s public school], I am taking tomorrow off, but I did want to post a few links to leave you with over the holiday weekend.

  • First, here is the direct link to the slides from David Vinjamuri’s presentation yesterday as well as the interview he did with IndieReader which he referred to in passing during his talk.
  • Here are the links to a few of the other sites David mentioned as particularly good for ebook original discovery and reviews:
  • Also, here is the official winners photo and statement from the Soon to be Famous website.
  • The newest issue of The Corner Shelf is out and it has an article, entitled "A Year of Reading Suggestions " which I highly recommend.  Basically, the idea is a list of 1 suggestion a month based on a very broad category.  So in January, you read a book published the same year you were born or in May, you read a book from another country.  Click here for all 12 ideas.  This list is a great idea for a 12 month reading plan, but also, these 12 general groupings are a great way to suggest a book to a patron who is having trouble picking their next good read.  Some guidance like August’s suggestion of reading a book in a genre or format you don’t normally read, might be a great way to get out of a tricky RA situation. At the very least, keep a link to these 12 reading plan ideas handy and pull them out to suggest to that patron who can’t seem to find anything he or she hasn’t already read.
  • In further news about Booklist’s The Corner Shelf, editor Rebecca Vnuk was at the Soon to be Famous event.  Look for her to spotlight the award, the winner, Vinjamuri, and me [in relation to my work as a judge] in the next issue.
Have a nice weekend.

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