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Thursday, April 24, 2014

WBN 2014: The Morning After Report

Did you participate in World Book Night yesterday?  Did someone approach you and give you a book?

Here's a quick recap of how things went from a world-wide perspective [#WBN2014]:

As I mentioned here, I gave books away outside my kid's school.  I got there before school let out and was able to hand out books to many of the parents waiting there.  Here are some highlights:

Even the parent hiding in the car got approached

Can't forget the crossing guard.
He was super excited to get a book

Me with the book in full WBN garb

My friend wanted the back of the shirt captured too
Overall, for me it went great.  As I approached people I said something to the effect of:

I am a parent here at the school, I am not a stalker. [I literally said this to people I didn't know; those who know me knew I really am a little bit of a book stalker.]  It is World Book Night and I am an official giver.  I have a free book for you, no strings attached.  It is an award winning, YA-Adult appropriate historical novel set during WWII.  If you want to know more about World Book Night, you can look inside for info.  Enjoy!
The reaction?  Much like last year.  Lots of "Oh my goodness, this is great." And, "Wow, this is happening everywhere?" And, "How cool?"

The kicker for me was watching the parents tell the kids about book that was in their hands and how they got it as the kids came out of school and were being taken home.  That made me ever happier.  I not only got to spread the love of reading, but I also got families to talk about World Book Night.  A conversation about books and reading was happening at that very moment because of me! Yay!

Feel free to share your stories or pictures with me.  Leave links to your Tweets and such in the comments if you want.

Editors Note: From this point on you will find additions to the original post

From Kristen BPL Reference:
 Wearing my World Book Night I'm a Book Giver stickers! #WBN2014!
I gave out Where'd You Go Bernadette in Berwyn IL at 8:10 am.
From Verna BPL Reference: Shots of her book and box
From Betty: "I posted some photos and comments to the Berwyn Library Facebook page, but here is one picture my husband took of me at the train station:"

And finally, click here for Alena's [super patron, not staff] post about her pub crawl with Kathy, Jose and Crystal.  Here is a teaser photo of how it went for them:

WBN 2014 Stop One at FatDuck. Beer & Books.

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Elizabeth said...

Yay! I gave out books at the Lisle Metra station, you can see photos here: http://ow.ly/w8B9s