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Thursday, May 8, 2014

ARRT Pinterest

Today is beautiful and I am off work, so I am going to plant my flowers.  Today’s post, therefore, will be quick but useful.  As promised yesterday, ARRT Pinterest guru, Emily (@LibCatEmeB) has crafted a wonderful Pinterest presence for ARRT.  You can find all of the boards here.

True to our mission of “Developing Readers Advisory skills and promoting reading for pleasure through public libraries in the Chicago metropolitan area, the boards are a mixture of training resources, book lists, and book news.

To help get people interested in our new Pinterest venture, we are collected your favorite, sure bet discussion books and have created a board with them all here.  But the great thing about social media is, the list is never done.  Please feel free to pin more titles, tweet your favs using the hashtag #arrtreads, or leave them on the ARRT Facebook page. You can even leave them in the comments on this blog and I will get them to Emily.

In fact, I will add 2 more right now [with links to my discussion notes]:

The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore
Still Alice by Lisa Genova

But more generally, as we saw in yesterdays presentation, specific book discussion groups take on their own unique personality over time.  There is no one correct way to run the perfect book group.  Rather, a crowd-sourced collection of ideas, leadership styles, and tips creates a wonderful resource for book club leaders where they can access, and then try out, multiple techniques until they find the best combination for their group at that time. 

So add to the list of books that other leaders felt worked well for their book clubs.  Hey, maybe your group can test run these titles and see how they work.  It would be an easy way for you to narrow down a possible list of discussion books, since we are crowd-sourcing a sure bet list for you.  But that is what we do over at ARRT, try to help making working with leisure readers easier for you and a better experience for your patrons.

Finally, a note about Pinterest.  While I was at Skokie PL yesterday, I saw my former student Ally, who wrote this great post for me on how to get started on Pinterest.  Just in case you need a refresher.


Alissa W. said...

Your link in the first paragraph saying we can find all the boards "here" simply links to Emily's twitter.

Becky said...

Thanks Alissa, Fixed it