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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

RAUNCON This Friday in Darien, CT

As I tweeted here, a group of RA librarians out East are hosting their own RA Unconference Friday. They were inspired by the Unconference that ARRT ran last year.

Even though the program itself isn’t until Friday, they have a great conversation going here and their Tumblr is already producing useful resources for everyone, not just those who will be joining them.

For example, when people registered, they were asked to share where they learn about books.  The organizers have posted that list of resource in the order of how many times they were mentioned, here.

Quite useful. I am so proud and happy that we inspired them.

I hope it goes well for them Friday. I can’t wait to see [and reap the benefits of] what else they share with the rest of us.

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