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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fantasy Football With Authors

So I am a HUGE fantasy football nerd.  I have been playing for a bunch of years in a league with my husband and our college friends. Last year, after toiling at the bottom of the playoff teams (so worst of the best basically) for years, I won.  Even better, I beat my 3 times champion husband in a 2 week playoff. [Thank you Peyton Manning and Jamaal Charles].

But it’s not just the playing. I listen to fantasy football podcasts, watch fantasy football tv shows, read  books and magazines about it, and even follow fantasy football people on Twitter.

So next to books and reading, come fall, fantasy football is the second most important, non-family thing in my life. Well, fantasy football and real football are tied. [Go Big Blue]

I am betting I am not the only librarian out there who loves fantasy football. In fact, no bets.  I know I am not because yesterday Book Riot ran this awesome article about how to play fantasy football with authors. 

Even if you HATE fantasy sports, look at this because right now is crunch time for all of your patrons who play fantasy football.  My league is back up in planning mode already.  We have a keeper deadline of 8/17 and our live draft is on 8/30.  I am already hard at work on preparations for this season. And as the reigning champ, people are gunning for me, so I need to pay attention.

I am sharing my personal experience to show you that there are patrons out there thinking about fantasy football right now.  So why not offer them a display of books about football with a print out of the Book Riot rules on how to play fantasy football with authors.  They can take a copy and play along at home.

This is a great example of passive RA.  You are anticipating your patrons’ interests.  Football pre-season is about to start, so you have a display of football books up. Perfect.  Now you got them to stop and look.  But the addition of the author fantasy football sheet will help to reel them in.

It’s a win-win situation. It’s an easy display to build for you, and it will make a lot of patrons happy with your responsive service.

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