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Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Discussion: Back to School Edition

I can hardly believe it but some of the Berwyn school started today and my own kids go back on Wednesday. That summer went fast!

This mean it's time for our annual back to school edition of the Monday Discussion.

This year I want to know about the best book you ever HAD to read for school.

I could list many including The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison in 10th Grade American Literature and Beowulf in 9th Grade English, but this year I was reminded on being assigned Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes in 8th grade.

My daughter's 7th grade summer reading assignment was to read The Outsiders by Hinton and another book from a provided list.  Flowers for Algernon was there and I book talked it to her.  I told her how much I had loved it in Junior High and explained why she would love it.  I thought it was a nice readalike for Wonder by R.J. Palacio which she loved in 5th grade. Well, after reading it AND writing her paper, she really loved the novel and I think it is also a book that will stay with her for many years to come.

I think Flowers for Algernon will remain forever as my favorite book I HAD to read because of this extra level of enjoyment I have now had with my own daughter.

What about you?  For today's Monday Discussion, think back to your assigned reading days and share the best book you were ever assigned to read.

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John BPL RA said...


Irishmaineiac said...

I have always lamented how little I read for school throughout my schooling. I never had required reading until I got to law school. My favorite book on the list was Dickens' Bleak House. Don't get me wrong....I read a lot, and I had the freedom to read whatever I wanted (with my mother's approval ... sigh). In a sense I wish I had been given more direction as I missed out on a lot of good reading.

Tara BPLteen said...

I love, Love, LOVED The Outsiders in about sixth grade but it was never assigned reading. Other classes got to read it, but not mine. I was pretty disappointed. :(

But not TOO disappointed because my class was assigned The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury - a collection of his story stories (mostly science fiction). It was the first book of his and, I think, the first piece of science fiction I had read. It utterly blew my mind!

Donna said...

Of course I haven't been in school since the age of the dinosaurs, but I can't remember much assigned reading at all -- except Shakespeare which I didn't appreciate at the time. In college freshman English we were assigned the story "The Bear" by William Faulkner and my dislike of that experience kept me from ever reading any more Faulkner.

I do remember reading Flowers for Algernon and A Separate Peace, but don't recall any life-changing moments with regard to them. Perhaps it is because it is hard to hold a discussion with classes of 40+ kids.