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Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Discussion: End of Summer Blues

Since next Monday, Labor Day, is the unofficial end of summer and there will be no Monday Discussion because the library will be closed, that means today is the last Monday Discussion of summer.

This weekend, I was thinking back on my summer reading plans, and lamenting what I didn't get to.  Don't get me wrong, I read some fantastic books this summer, but I had really wanted to read a WWI set book this summer to coincide with the start of WWI. I did not.

But as I said, I did read some great books this summer, many of which I will be writing up reviews for in the coming days. So it's like a good news bad news situation.  I am just feeling a little sadness that summer is just about over. I am probably not alone here, so I thought it might make us all feel better to vent a little here.


What about you, are you feeling the end of summer blues when it comes to your reading?  Will you miss reading outside when the weather changes? Are there certain books you only seem to read in summer that you will miss come Fall?


Are you sick of all this talk of summer reads and are celebrating the impending change of season?

Well, share your end of summer reading blues today in the Monday Discussion.

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1 comment:

John BPL RA said...

I feel I finished everything I'd wanted to, however I didn't get to be outside as much this year as in previous years because of all the rain. It didn't feel much like summer for most of the "summer".