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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

RA Summer Camp and Horror Blog Update

Today is the RA Summer Camp Program.  Click here for details.  It is from 2-4 central time and myself and other attendees will be tweeting using the #arrtreads hashtag during the event.

I will have a longer report up tomorrow on the blog because I know there is a lot of interest in this program.  I did get one preview tip which has really gotten me excited.  The only handout is a copy of Shirley Jackson's The Lottery!

This is going to rock.

Until then, I have a brand new post on the horror blog. It is the first in an occasional series of posts that are meant to get you and your library ready for Halloween.  Believe it or not, the planning is well underway in the horror community for October 31st.

So click through to that post while you wait to here how my afternoon at RA Summer Camp went!

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