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Thursday, September 11, 2014

25 Best Horror Novels of the New Millennium and a Giveaway!

This is a cross post with RA for All: Horror.  I generally keep the posts separate, but as you will see below, this list is TOO perfect for ALL public libraries.  Seriously, I can tell you from personal experience that the 25 books will all find readership at any public library in America right now.

I feel very strongly about this.

Plus, you can simply use this list to build a fantastic 21st Century Horror display.  In fact, if you also use my book which is heavily focused on 21st century titles, you will have an easy go of your Halloween displays this year. And people, I know you think I am crazy early on this, but Halloween is only 7 weeks from tomorrow.  You will look like a horror maven superstar to your patrons!

Here is the post:http://raforallhorror.blogspot.com/2014/09/25-best-horror-novels-of-new-millennium.html

****This is the fourth in an occasional series of posts to help you get ready for Halloween.****

So I came across this list of the 25 Best Horror Novels of the New Millennium and boy is it a good list.

Not only have I read, enjoyed, and reviewed many of the books on the list, this is a list every library can use right now as they prepare for Halloween.

Often when I see or find lists of horror books, they are filled with books we would never carry in a library.  They are often too obscure or too out there for a general audience.  But not this list.  Without checking, I can say with confidence that my library owns at least 20 (if not more) of the books on the list.  And, they all have healthy circ stats.

Some like, The Ruins, the 2 Joe Hill entries, Ghost Road Blues, and Drood to name a few, are among my ALL TIME favorites. Click through to see more on each title.

And number 1 is a book that is annotated in my book, a book I personally own, and also happens to be a book I saw in a co-workers hand last week, to which I said to her, “That is one of the creepiest, most disorienting, and just straight out frightening books I have ever read.”  I guess I am not alone in that opinion.

Speaking of my book, in preparation for Halloween I have five copies of my book to give away.  Be one of the first 5 people to email me with your mailing address-- zombiegrl75@gmail.com-- and I will send it to you free of charge.  There is no better way to prepare for the Halloween rush at your public library then with my book.

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Thanks for the book, Becky! It came yesterday!