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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Reminder: A New RUSA CODES RA Conversation is Coming...

So I knew the new new RUSA CODES conversation was about to begin because on 9/24 I did the post embedded below. But, with all the work I am doing leading up to ILA Annual, I forgot the 2 events will overlap.

So today, I am here to both remind you and publicly say that even I, who will be helping to oversee an entire conference, will be monitoring this conversation.  I know there are always people in the conversation complaining about the number of emails, but I want to stress that you don’t have to participate in the conversation in order to learn from it.

Yes, there are hundreds of emails coming in quickly, but I can honestly say that they are worth it each and every time RUSA holds one of these email conversations.

To that end, I would also like to point you to this post I did in 2013 reminding you how you can get the most out of the conversation no mater how overwhelming it may seem.

Have a great conversation next week. I will be there, lurking and enjoying all of the new things I am bound learn.


New RUSA CODES RA Conversation

From my email box to your computer screen....
A new CODES Conversation begins October 14th  and will run through the 15th. If you wish to take part in the discussion you do not need to take any further action as you are already subscribed. 

RA as a Technical Service
RA does not just happen in the stacks and at the public service desk. It happens in the catalog, in collection development, and in materials processing. Join a community of over 500 librarians interested in all things RA as we discuss how to make sure that the RA service that happens behind the scenes of public service gets the attention and focus necessary to make all of RA as robust and useful as possible.
Some of the topics we will address include:

How best to calculate, and what factors to consider in setting, holds ratios?

Genre Headings: How (if at all) do catalogers/patrons/advisors agree to what constitutes a genre? How many headings do we want/need in an age of genre blends?

What features of the catalog support and enrich RA?

How can the collection development staff help the public services staff keep up with new titles and genres?

What use are stickers on books? How do they work with genre blends?

Should we interfile or have divided collections?

How do we ensure the best access to paperbacks? And speaking of paperbacks has the format flipped to some degree to ebooks?

CODES Conversations are focused electronic conversations on current issues facing collection development and readers’ advisory librarians—or anyone interested in those areas. The free, moderated discussions are open to all – just subscribe to the discussion at, then follow and contribute (or lurk!) as you wish.

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