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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Norwegian Librarians Are Coming....

No that is not a joke.  They are actually here already. Seriously, I am picking them up at the train station in less than an hour.

Let me back up a bit, though.  Next month, Joyce Saricks is headed to Norway to conduct RA training.  In preparation for her trainings, a couple of Norwegian librarians have come to the Midwest to see RA in action. While in the Chicagoland area, Joyce asked ARRT to help facilitate some tours and experiences for them.

Yesterday, they travelled out to the Geneva Public Library and attending the ARRT Literary Book Discussion and Training (a quarterly members only event).

Today, I have the pleasure of showing them the Berwyn Public Library and the La Grange Public Library.  And,  I have even arranged for them to have lunch with the President of the Illinois Library Association, Jeannie Dilger (my local library Director).

Tomorrow, they will be touring Skokie Public Library.

We are all very excited to have the chance to showcase RA Service to those from overseas.

In honor of their visit, here is a link to all my posts where I mention the first thing you thought of when I mentioned Norway, Nordic Noir.  [Admit it; you know you did.]

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Elizabeth said...

Saw these two ladies at the ARRT book discussion...they had some great questions for the group!