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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Brand New Program Debuts Today: Taking It To the Streets

This morning I will be debuting a brand new program for the Maine Regional Library System-- Taking It To the Streets: Adult Programming Outside the Library.

I am very excited to finally have a reason to create this program.  I originally proposed it for PLA 2014, but it was not accepted.  I have to say I was honestly surprised that it was not accepted.  Not because I am so awesome, but because our programs like Trivia Night and Book Lovers Club are among the programs I get asked about the most by other librarians.

Well, no more waiting.  Here is the link to the slides, or you can click on the first slide below.  And ironically, later tonight I will be hosting an election night edition of Trivia Night.

If you are interested in my Taking It To The Streets program, contact me and we can talk about how I can bring it to your library.

[Editor’s Note: If you signed up for the webinar, I also sent your 2 examples of the "visual round” for Trivia Night]

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