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Friday, December 5, 2014

Annual "A Year in Reading" Series by The Millions

Sick of best lists yet?  I enjoy them as a tool to help readers and assess trends, but don't get too wrapped up in the hoopla for my own reading.

However, one of my favorite annual end of the year bookish wrap-ups in The Millions' "A Year in Reading" essay series in which they ask writers to talk about what they read over the last year and how it effected them as readers and writers.

Click here to access the entire archive which includes what has been posted so far this year and goes backward chronologically to 2003.

As a lover of books, I enjoy reading these essays every year.  Often, the editors ask the current year's most critically acclaimed authors to participate which makes the series a very interesting companion piece to the onslaught of best lists.

While it is not shocking that librarians like this series, don't forget that it is also perfect for our hard core patrons. You know the ones who are in multiple times a week; the ones who have read so many of the books that we suggest that we have nothing left up our sleeve; the ones who are always wanting more.

Now I personally love these patrons because they challenge me to be better and constantly up my game, but they can be exhausting.

Passing on an archive of essays about great reads written by authors they know [and possibly already love] will keep these patrons happy and busy.

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