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Thursday, December 11, 2014

SLJ's Adult Books 4 Teens

School Library Journal's fantastic Adult Books 4 Teens blog released their Best Adult Books 4 Teens 2014 list. This list is exactly what it sounds like...the best adult books for teens that were relaesed in 2014.

Let me back up a second though.  The entire blog is a great resource to help teens AND adults. Click through and you can find titles organized by genre and a tab for "Best" books going back a few years.

Whether or not you help teens, all of the books on the blog serve as an excellent sure bet option for all of your leisure readers from teens to adults.  The titles here are proven winners that have wide appeal.  They will not have gratuitous sex or violence, and they have been vetted by critics.  Most are also fairy well paced.

This is a regular blog and should be consulted more often than once a year to see the "best" designations.  I actually use this resource to help adults more than teens.  I especially like the nonfiction section, as I have many adult patrons who want to read more nonfiction, but do not want to read "doorstop" books.  They want well researched, but also well paced, narrative nonfiction.  There are not many resources that I can easily search with these criteria.  Adult Books 4 Teens, however, can do that.

Add Adult Books 4 Teens to your go-to list of resources for those patrons who want a "good read," and will not elaborate further.  Trust me, it works wonders.

And, you do not have to tell your adults that you found it on a website that suggests the books for teens [I have some patrons who would not be happy knowing that] since they are ADULT books, not teen titles.

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