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Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday Discussion: Spring Ahead...The Book Version

With the return of Day Light Savings Time, we might be groggy this morning, but I thought it was a good time to spring ahead in the book world too.  Now that the first mostly freezing months of 2015 are behind us (I didn't wear a hat today...this is a huge deal), let's look at the "hot" books coming soon.

Here are a couple of my favorite places to find links to the biggest coming soon titles:

So there are your links, now on to today's discussion.  What books are you most excited for in the coming months?

I'll go first.

Of course, as a huge Kate Atkinson fan who also considered Life After Life the very best book of 2013, I am trembling with joy at the May release of the companion novel, A Life in Ruins

I am also very excited about Joyce Carol Oates' new novel Jack of Spades (May). From the book jacket:
From one of the most inimitable writers of our generation, Jack of Spadesis an exquisite, psychologically complex thriller about the opposing forces within the mind of one ambitious writer, and the line between genius and madness. 
Andrew J. Rush has achieved the kind of critical and commercial success most authors only dream about: his twenty-eight mystery novels have sold millions of copies in nearly thirty countries, and he has a top agent and publisher in New York. He also has a loving wife, three grown children, and is a well-regarded philanthropist in his small New Jersey town. But Rush is hiding a dark secret. Under the pseudonym “Jack of Spades,” he writes another string of novels—dark potboilers that are violent, lurid, even masochistic. These are novels that the refined, upstanding Andrew Rush wouldn’t be seen reading, let alone writing. Until one day, his daughter comes across a Jack of Spades novel that he has carelessly left out and begins to ask questions. Meanwhile, Rush receives a court summons in the mail explaining that a local woman has accused him of plagiarizing her own self-published fiction. Rush’s reputation, career, and family life all come under threat—and unbidden, in the back of his mind, the Jack of Spades starts thinking ever more evil thoughts.

On a less "literary" bent Ernest Cline's new SF novel Armada (July) is also piquing my interest.

Now it's your turn.  For today's Monday Discussion, which upcoming releases are you most anticipating.

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John BPL RA said...

I'll second Jack of Spades.

Carol Ann said...

Just started an ARC of Life in Ruins and it is just terrific.

Tara BPLteen said...

The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage: The (Mostly) True Story of the First Computer by Sydney Padua (Pantheon, Apr. 21) sounds fabulous and steampunk-y. I'm a big fan of alternate history - particularly Victorian.

And, it's not out until November, but I've been anxiously awaiting Marissa Meyer's Winter (the fifth installment in the "Lunar Chronicles") for what feels like forEVER!