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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ready Player One Movie News and Display Ideas

Readers of this blog know that I am a HUGE fan of Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Click here for all of the times it has been mentioned on RA for All. Not only did I love the book personally, but I dedicated months of my life to working on the 2013 Berwyn Reads which featured the book.

Normally, I go out of my way to avoid the movie versions of books I have loved, but yesterday the movie got a director...Steven Spielberg! Not only can Spielberg make a great SF movie, but he also owned the 1980s and the novel is a love letter to the decade [among many other things; read my review for more]. There is no better choice!

I am so excited and elated that I am scared.  Am I willing to hope that for once, a favorite book will not disappoint me as a movie?  Could this be a To Kill A Mocking Bird moment? We will have to see.

This is all good timing for the fact that I just proofread Betty’s great books to movie annotated list for the new display on the topic that John is preparing for the BPL. In general “book to movie” displays are a great idea to have at your library.  I have readers who come in to read the books before they see the movie and others who come in for the book after.

I am sure you already know this and do it though. Don’t worry, I am not simply writing a post that states the obvious. Keep reading...

Now we happen to have a large books to movie display planned to go up in a few days, but when there is big movie news like this, you can still capitalize on the buzz by putting up a quick display to show your patrons that you are paying attention to the wider book world and anticipating their needs.

So you could use the extensive list of readalike options we prepared for Berwyn Reads and make a Ready Player One movie news quick display, or simply grab a few books off the shelf that are among the better book to movie options, make a quick sign, and display those books on any open space in the library.

The point I am trying to make here is that you don’t need a lot of time or preparation to take advantage of a book related news story that is capturing a large audience. Don’t miss your chance to insert yourselves, the community book experts, into the larger conversation.  Your patrons will notice that you are relevant, on top of the latest news, and that you want to help them find their next good read.  Everybody wins.

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