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Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Discussion: Halfway to Halloween

We are slowly creeping up on one of my favorite times of year...the point when the calendar tips in Halloween's favor. Yup, it's the unofficial Halfway to Halloween time.

For the second year in a row, I am celebrating publically in Neal Wyatt's Reader's Shelf column in Library Journal with a list of titles to remind you of how much fun it is to read horror books and how you shouldn't just do it in October!

For this year's list, I included backlist titles; books you should have available right now to put out on display. You can even print my list and put it next to it to make for an easy display.

But I was only allow 6 titles.  Let's start adding some more.  I am staying out of the suggesting beyond these 6 right now because you can just go to the horror blog for hundreds of more suggestions from me.

Today I want to hear from the rest of you. You always hear from me about horror reads.

What are some of your favorite horror titles? For today's Monday Discussion, let's make a list we can all use to promote HALFWAY TO HALLOWEEN at all of our libraries.

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