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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Do You Want My Job?

No seriously. So you want to be me at the Berwyn Public Library?  Well now you can.  Click here for details and a full job description.

A few weeks ago, I put in my resignation from the BPL effective June 4th [after the next Genre Study meeting].

First, if you are in the genre study, don't panic. I am not leaving ARRT or any of my responsibilities for that group.

Second, the blog is not going anywhere. At the very least it is going to only get better as I will have more time to commit to it.

I am however giving up my place as a regular librarian at a service desk.  For many of you this announcement is not a surprise. For example, as I stated in my 2015 Professional Resolutions in this post back in January:
"2015 happens to also be the year I will turn 40, so as you can imagine, I am spending a lot of time thinking about the next phases of my career. To that end I am recommitting myself to my RA for All consulting and training business. I am almost done with my new logo and I will do a minor redesign and reorganization of this site soon.  But also, I am really working on my offerings and getting my message out. I am hitting a critical point at which I may have to decide between the consulting and the library desk work because doing both may no longer be sustainable without major changes.  But I am also realistic and know this cannot happen overnight. I am giving myself a year to figure it all out. There will be plenty of news and details here on RA for All. One things is for sure, RA for All is not going anywhere." 
I am happy to say the commitment I made to myself to grow my RA for All business of consulting, training, and writing has paid off more quickly than I anticipated.  I currently have too much RA for All work to continue to also work a desk at a library.

I feel very lucky to have been able to work at the BPL for 14 years and 11 months [but who's counting :) ]. I have had the opportunity to build a RA Department from scratch, becoming an International RA expert along the way.

In the coming weeks and months I will be announcing other new projects and ventures on RA for All and Twitter [@RAforAll], including an exciting new service where I can come to your library, spend some time evaluating your service to leisure readers, and help you to get better at assisting your patrons.  I can't wait for the chance to get out there and be in all of your libraries as you work with readers.

But for right now, I am going to wrap up things here at Berwyn and then spend the summer enjoying time with my kids [who are at the tail end of the years where they still want to spend time with me].

So please, if you know someone, or you are someone, with an MLS degree and are committed to providing RA Service, please pass on the job opening.  Also feel free to contact me if you want further details.

I hope only the best for the Library, the staff, and most importantly, our patrons; however, now it is time for me to move on a help other libraries to up their game as they serve adult leisure readers.

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