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Friday, May 22, 2015

Summary of CODES Conversation: Tweeting, Tumbling, & Pinning: Using Social Media for RA

Back in April I announced that the newest RUSA CODES Conversation would be happening May 12-13.

These are free conversations open to anyone, member or not, who is interested in participating in an email conversation about "the rapidly changing landscape of collection development, readers' advisory, and publishing." I will be frank, this two day blitz produces a lot of email in your inbox. But if you use a filter to send them all to one folder and catch up and/or participate when you have time, it is totally worth it to sign up.  You can put yourself on the list to always be included whenever a new conversation begins by clicking here.

This time, the discussion centered around using social media for RA. It was very informative and people shared quite a bit.  Thankfully for all of you out there, since I was signed up, I received the excellent 33 page summary from my friend, CODES conversation organizer, and just overall librarian extraordinaire, Neal Wyatt.

I have uploaded it to a shared document that you can access here.

What this document does is gather the many threads and simultaneous conversations that were going on and puts them into one, organized document broken down by category with all of the links and resources that were mentioned grouped into a cohesive order.

It's awesome.

In my opinion, this was one of the most useful conversations we have had, and this summary will help a lot of people [myself included]. Please take some time to look it over and consider signing up for future conversations.  It's free.

Have a great holiday weekend.  RA for All is back on Tuesday.

1 comment:

Neal said...

Hi Becky,

Thanks for saying our summary was excellent. I want to say it is only so because of the many people who took part in the conversation and said such great things. I also want to say that four of us wrote the summary, so thanks and credit goes to fellow committee members Dodie Ownes, Stephen Sposato, and David Wright too.