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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Robots are Taking Over-- An Annotated Reading List from Booklist

Today, Booklist Reader had a great annotated reading list playing off of a recent flurry of media attention on ROBOTS.

From the intro:
Welcome, Robot Overlords! 12 Books to Help You Prepare for the Coming Singularity
Robots have been trending in literature and film for a long time. But constant advances in technology give us more and more to think—and worry—about. The New York Timesvideo series, Robotica, and the Atlantic article, “A World Without Work,” got me thinking: how is artificial intelligence affecting our lives? Robots already contribute to our labor force, but what happens when they become efficient enough to replace human labor on a larger scale? This recent batch of books address this question and more. Whether readers are eager to welcome our robot overlords or they live in terror of the coming singularity, they’ll find some intriguing data here. 
This is a great list with books for a wide range of readers.  And the best thing about it, BookList wants you to use it (with credit to them) at your library to help patrons.
So, click here for the full list of fiction and nonfiction all about robots, print it out, and make a display.  
Your patrons will love it. You will look like you are anticipating their reading needs. And, the best part, it will take you mere minutes.

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